Several laboratories offer a PCR analyis of a tick for pathogens. To send in your tick for analysis, please print out the submission form listed below. Stick the tick with a piece of tape to the space provided. For large, swollen ticks it is recommended to place the tick in a safe closable storage capsule and to send along with the form.


Here are three examples of a German analysis request form to check the sent in tick for pathogens (for the original PDF, please click on the form)




In order to avoid delays, people residing outside Germany should contact a laboratory in their current country of residence to analyze the tick.

Information about Public Health England’s tick awareness resources you find here.

Information about ticks and tick related diseases you find at the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Information about the risk of Lyme disease to Canadians you find here.


This video shows you how to dab the removed tick on a tape to stick it on an analysis request form. For large, swollen ticks we recommend putting the tick in the safe lockable storage capsule and sending this along with the form.